Shaping the City with Thomas O'Brien

Thomas N. O'Brien
Founding Partner/Managing Director - The HYM Investment Group, LLC

The HYM Investment Group, LLC is a Boston based real estate company that focuses on the acquisition, development and management of complicated mixed-use urban projects with major residential, commercial and retail components. Thomas has served as an adviser and ongoing supporter of the East Boston Social Centers. Also, as its managing director, Thomas O'Brien has helped HYM help us! HYM Investment Group, LLC was our host and a Community Champions sponsor for the 100th anniversary Cruisin' Through the Decades Gala.

We are very grateful for your leadership on behalf of, and support of, East Boston Social Centers. The Social Centers is now embarking on strategic planning. What do you hope to see for the future of this organization?

Watch the video below for the answer!

HYM Investment Group, LLC has a unique investment strategy in the real estate world—really focused on engaging with locations for the long-term.  Tell us how you landed on this strategy—and how this strategy led you to land in East Boston.

My own background is that I worked in government for a little bit and for other real estate companies. I love large, complicated projects that involve changing important parts of our city. And so, when we looked into our Suffolk Downs site, we looked at it and said, "Wow. This is a really big site. It's tremendously complicated from a variety of different perspectives. Its transportation component is complicated, its financing component is complicated, the permitting component is complicated..." and we like those challenges. Those are big puzzles for us to figure out. And so we looked at this project as a chance to do what we really do well, which is to take on large, complicated sites and see if we can figure them out.

We've been on this since May 2017 and we've been working on the community process ever since then. We've done probably about 300 different community meetings up to this point, of various sizes. Those community meetings really help us shape the proposal and the project and allow us to better the project as we go along.

We're hopeful to complete the permitting and planning piece of this project in the Spring of 2019 and will begin the first phase at Beachmont Station, which is in Revere, about a year from now. So it's been an exciting and interesting journey for us all the way through. 

What brings you joy?

The first and most important thing for me is my family: my wife and children. My wife and I have 5 children. All of our kids were born in different countries. So we have two girls who were born in Guatemala, a boy who was born in Ecuador, a boy from Colombia, and a little girl from Ethiopia.The boy from Colombia is now 23 years old, so each of them have grown up and progressed. Our youngest is 11 years old: our daughter from Ethiopia. 

And so, the joy for me in my life is being with my wife and being with my children as we all experience trials that are coming up in their lives. They're in a variety of different places. The oldest just graduated from college, he lives in New York. Two are still in college. Our fourth child, our daughter Marisol, passed ten years ago. We pray to her, speak to her every day. Before I do almost anything, I whisper her name. And so Marisol is in Heaven. And then our youngest, Dureti, is 11 years old. She's in the 6th grade and is at home with us. She brings us nonstop joy as she's an energetic and fun person. And so family, for my wife and I, is the sense of joy for us. 

Thank you again to The HYM Investment Group, LLC for making a significant difference for the East Boston Social Centers. 

Thank you to everyone who supported us and came to our annual Comedy & Pizza night Fundraiser at Giggles Comedy Club!

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Congrats to Marisa DiPietro, recipient of the Pirandello Lyceum’s i Migliori in Mens et Gesta (the Best in Mind and Deed) Award for her community service!

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